Video inspections with divers or ROV systems

Diving company Wals Diving & Marine Service offers the unique service of recording diving activities on video. Depending on the type of work, video recordings are made by either our divers or one of our ROV systems. A video inspection consists of a visual recording of the work, including audio comment of the diver or the ROV pilot.

Our diving gear is equipped with a high resolution camera that provides video footage of the highest quality. Video inspections by diver are most commonly requested for shipping inspections and inspecting/repairing of underwater constructions and river banks. A final video inspection is also performed before a ‘change of ownership’, or before project completion.

Thanks to our ROV systems we are able to perform video inspections safely at great depth. ROV stands for ‘Remotely Operated Vehicle’. ROV inspections are usually executed for offshore activities such as cable inspections, offshore scientific research structures and offshore installations. ROV video inspections can also be executed for inshore activities.

| Ship inspection and repairs | Video inspections with divers or ROV systems | Maintenance of existing and new underwater constructions | Cutting and welding of underwater objects | Inspection and removal of marine growth | Underwater bottom surveys | Design and development of special tools and appliances