Inspecties en reparaties van schepen
ontwerp en ontwikkeling van speciaal gereedschap onderwater

Pipeline repair habitat


Pipeline repair habitat

Designing and developing special tools and appliances

Designing and developing special tools and appliances for dive technical applications is a specialty that we at Wals Diving & Marine Service are very proud of. We believe that development is the future! Because we operate in many different markets, we are regularly confronted with (dive) technical questions and issues. Diving company Wals Diving & Marine Service is famous for its ability to solve problems, no matter how difficult the problem or question. We see it as a challenge to design and develop tools and appliances that contribute to safe execution of diving activities. We possess a lot of in-house technical knowledge and experience and always have a practical mindset adds to the development of the diving market.

Here you find an impression of specially designed and developed tools and appliances over the years.

Diving contractor Wals Diving & Marine Service also provides customers with technical consult. We like to think with our customers on solutions for (dive) technical issues. If required, Wals Diving & Marine Service can lead the entire design and development process, including the necessary documentation, testing, drawings etc. Health, safety and quality are always leading in the design and development process.

| Ship inspection and repairs | Video inspections with divers or ROV systems | Maintenance of existing and new underwater constructions | Cutting and welding of underwater objects | Inspection and removal of marine growth | Underwater bottom surveys | Design and development of special tools and appliances